Monday, 3 October 2011

Press Release - Vamps (A retrospective) by James S. Dorr

VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) is an 84-page trade paperback featuring poetry by multi-time Rhysling finalist James S. Dorr on vampires and things vampiric. With illustrations by Marge B. Simon, VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) consists of 75 poems, about a third of which are published here for the first time, with subjects including Max Schreck; Bela Lugosi; “Guillemette” (née Mina Murray); the vampiress Annchuck; the Instrument Maker; crows; krakens (with blood on their beaks); Nikki (who flies); the Night Child; the Birdcatchers; jazz music; dancing; tourists in Europe (“he had a tendency to change the subject when I asked him what he did. Eurotrash, I suppose”); vampire hobbies: runners, swimmers, baseball fans, dates gone bad; from Ancient Greece; to the 1,000,000 Credit Galactic Lottery. All this and more can be obtained from Sam's Dot Publishing for only about the cost of a pizza (with blood sausage for a topping, of course -- in this case $7.00 with $3.00 shipping in the US; a, um, bit more to Canada and overseas).

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dark Metre - Issue 9 Now Live

Issue 9 of Dark Metre has been emailed out to all the subscribers and is now live here. This month features First in the Moon by Richard Lung and Prayer by Lida Broadhurst.

I'm still open to submissions:

Issue 10 - filled - due out on 06/11/11
Issue 11 - filled - due out on 04/12/111
Issue 12 - filled - due out on 01/01/12
Issue 13 - still open - due out on 05/02/12

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Enjoy the halloween season