03/09/2011 - Open to submissions. Reading for issues 10-13
Submission Guidelines

Dark Metre is an email newsletter published on the 1st Sunday of every month with the current issue being posted on the website for one month.

I'm looking for poetry reprints in the horror genre and will publish two per issue. I will pretty much look at any style of poem but I do not want anything vampire related or anything that involves bad things happening to college kids, school kids or young children and definitely no woe be me poetry.

Please send poems up to a maximum of 35 lines in the body of the email to Please put poetrysub - poem title - your name in the subject field. Also include details of where it was originally published and a short bio and a link to your web site or blog if available. You can submit up to three poems but only send one poem in an email.

Payment terms: I'm paying £2.50 via paypal on publication.

Response Times: One month. Please query if you have not received a receipt or heard from me after this time.

Rights: I ask for non exclusive electronic rights for one month.

Events: If you have organised an event such as a reading, book signing, or anything else of interest to readers of horror poetry please email details to for possible inclusion in the newsletter.

New releases: If you have a poetry collection or anthology in the horror genre due for release, please email the details to me at

Thank you
Katy Bennett
Dark Metre.